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Full Moon Intern #2

Hi all! Another Full Moon tonight means another Full Moon Intern right now!

So early last month we released a new test demo that we’ve since been working within, creating a solid foundation for the future of Moon Intern. In the new test demo the movement and collision of the Intern could be purdy wonky at times. The Intern would sometime get stuck on walls and the ceiling, along with inconsistent run speeds and jump heights. Mason has gotten nearly all of that stuff worked out now though (YAY!). I really tried earlier this week to break the movement controller in some way, but it’s pretty stable at the moment. An area of development Mason keeps wanting to focus on is our enemies, but he keeps getting pulled away. Enemies are important, but we really want to nail player movement before digging too deep into enemy territory. So getting player animations, movement, collision and weapons worked out as much possible is Mason’s top priority right now. Much of those tasks are nearly finished now however, with Mason working on weapons this week.

Gewargis has been busy converting the old GUI to our new GUI. We were manually doing animations for GUI stuff before, but now we are utilizing Unity’s new-ish animation system, which is vastly different than how GUI worked a couple years ago. So he learned how that all works now and has been pretty busy with that as well as getting damage indication working for when we implement the enemies. Besides that, Gewag and Pete were able to nail down our new native resolution which is 1920 x 1080. We like this new resolution more, as not only do we fit more onto the screen than before, but also because it will reduce the issues we had with pixel shredding in the past.

All through this year so far, Peter has been dealing with what will be one of the biggest challenges of the new design; the level generator. He’s still very much in the experimental phase of building this important feature as you could see in the new demo, but progress is moving along steadily (after getting sick not once but twice this month due to a brutal winter). He wants to get decor objects and enemy placement worked into the routine of building the level, but he’s also tinkering around with ideas for ceilings in interior levels, as well as layered and non-linear levels. Lots and lots and lots for Peter to do there still, but he’s also been toying with physics and interactivity as well lately.

As far as what I’ve been up to, it’s mostly been art, organization and story. I’ve put many more tiles into the pool that gets pulled from for the level generator giving us variety and more importantly, situations for Peter to play with. Other art I’ve been doing is general objects like file cabinets, desks and chairs and other office decor for when we get to interior level generation. We have a bunch of outdoor decor too, but that was weeks ago. I’ve also been adjusting the colors of these objects and older ones to fit a new color palette I’ve been working on. We had an alright color palette before, but this one is better than new! I’ve been getting organized by digging through backer surveys figuring out who I’ve already drawn, who I need to draw, and who I need to re-draw. So, plenty of faces to draw and I want to do it in a way where once I start I’m going to do at least 1 a day until it’s all finished. Doing it this way I’ll also be able to post something to our website each and everyday for y’all, and in doing so become more comfortable making regular posts. I hope to get this started within the next couple weeks.

As far as what is coming next, we want Moon Intern to feel like a game as soon as possible. Enemies are a big, big part of that, as is the level generator. We probably won’t push a new build to y’all until we have something for you to actually do besides run around random terrain, but with that said, you can expect the next demo will be more fun and full of things to test. We have a busy weekend ahead of us, but I expect to be able to show a video of this progress early next week.

Lastly, just to beat on a dead horse as the music in my head plays us out. The development for Moon Intern has certainly not been easy. We came out the gate excited for this, but after a couple of emotional knockdowns and struggles we’ve picked ourselves back up . We’ve put our blood, sweat and heart into this game and made loads of mistakes along the way. We’ve sank our own time and money into Moon Intern and even tested our friendships along the way but never once said “we’re giving up”. Moon Intern isn’t going to be just another pixel platformer, we’re aiming to be something special and we’ll keep working towards that until it finally happens.

Love ya’s,

P.S. Feel free to ask any Q’s and I’ll do my best to provide some A’s.



LarryPixelFebruary 12, 20151 Comment

First Test Demo Submitted!

Howdy! So the first test demo since our clean slate has been pushed to our humble store. I’ll comment on this update when the demo is live so the testers can have at it. Meanwhile, I’ve recorded a bit of footage to give everyone an idea of what the demo currently contains (which as you’ll see is significantly smaller than our last). Enjoy! And again, we’re looking forward to keeping everyone well up-to-date as the game is developed. Love ya’s!


LarryPixelFebruary 6, 20151 Comment

Revamped Intern Sprite Sheet

The Intern has a new and improved sprite sheet! Here’s a preview gif of some of the animations.


We’re just a few days away from a new TEST BUILD on our “clean slate”. So stay tuned for more screenshots and videos over the weekend!


LarryPixelFebruary 3, 20151 Comment

Full Moon Intern #1

Hi, everybody!

First off this is the very first post in a new segment we’re calling “Full Moon Intern”. On every full moon from now until the final release, we will post an update on our Kickstarter and website to let you know how things are progressing with us and the game. We solemnly swear we won’t miss a single full moon! And we don’t mean itty-bitty updates either, we mean full on updates on the game. We’ve often slacked when it comes to communicating with all of you enough and don’t want that to happen again. Similar things have been said by us in the past, but we’re going to have plenty to talk about, REALLY! So look forward to each full moon from here on out.

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Peter GabrielNovember 16, 20142 Comments

Revision and Revival

Hello backers, I know it’s been a long time since our last post and for that I am sorry. We have had scope and development issues since day one. However, I don’t want to talk about all of the reasons why so far development has failed to deliver. Instead, I want to talk about what we have done to the design of the game and our plans for development moving forward.

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GewargisJune 14, 20147 Comments

Something Wicked-Cool This Way Comes

What’s up Farty People!

How has everyone been? We’ve all been busy with the whole job thing and trying to keep our heads above water. I’m going to try to keep this short because we’re going to have a much more in depth update soon, but first things first: sorry for the lack of recent updates. We’re a small team, and it sometimes slips our minds, so we apologize for that.

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New King Bots

LarryPixelMarch 27, 20141 Comment

Adorable robots and parasites

Hey Folks. This week I’ve been pixeling the next set of levels to come for Story 0. I have 5 really great looking levels drafted this week, but we need to test them in-engine before they get prettied up. Since the levels are just while lines representing collision, I will instead show you some other new cuteness also drawn this week.

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First Pass is on the left, final is on the right.

GewargisMarch 7, 20142 Comments

GUI Style Ch-Ch-Changes

Hey Moon people! We got some cool new GUI stuff to show off. As we’ve said in previous blog posts, we’re currently going through a bit of a rebuilding phase. This includes not just technical aspects of the game like hit detection, but also artistic changes. In this blog post we’ll be going over the redesign process for our menus, lists, and dialog boxes. GUI is one of those subtle aspects of game design that can have a huge impact on the quality of a game without you immediately noticing. We’ve realized that Moon Intern is much more menu-driven than we had initially thought, especially with the changes we’ve made to the the overworld. A lot of progress has been made with the design of the GUI, but there’s still some work to be done. So let’s get to it!

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