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Sunday Funday 4-23-17

Hey everyone,

This week’s update is a little different…everyone will be saying what they worked on instead of one collective post.


I continued working on the new dialogue system. I started on creating a default prefab that most NPCs would use. I’m also learning how to configure the dialogue in different ways.


More work on the game manager and the scene flow, specifically dealing with persistence from scene to scene of objects and data. It’s all about getting the intern to and from everywhere and not losing the important things.


The way the intern handles passing through certain platforms has been much improved. We were able to get it working before but working isn’t always the final state for a lot of things in game design. Without getting too specific, the pass through logic uses Unity’s layer mask system instead of a custom system that looked at individual platforms. Another example of a big/small change.


Worked on more prefabs for interiors, exteriors and terrain. Was mainly concerned with slopes. These are not only for scene generation, but mostly right now I’m drafting out game spaces. Spent some time thinking about how we’ll use all these prefabs without having any nested prefabs to muck things up. More game spaces to come in the next weeks as we ready the next test build.


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Sunday Funday – 4.9.17

Hi all!

This week we made big progress with a key part in our level design abilities. This upgrade is in passthrough collision. This is where the characters can jump through platforms and land on top of them. In addition, when atop these platforms the player can hold “down” and jump to fall through the platform. This allows us a bit of depth in our 2D platforming.

Switching to Unity 5 helped us implement this in a much easier way than what we would have otherwise.

We also have several prefab rooms started as well, with more coming this week. In addition we’re prioritizing more features like this to allow us more agency in our level design.


The Cosmosaur Team


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Sunday Funday

Hey all!

Glad to start a new Sunday routine where we all hangout and have a work session online. It went well and here is our weekly update of changes:

-Buildings and interiors are getting some attention. Larry worked on several pencil drafts for interior spaces to pixel this week. This includes a couple lobbies, some halls, some offices, a security checkpoint, shop, bus stop, and parking port.

-Gewargis is continuing to implement a new dialog/popup system. More on that when we show it off in the next build.

-Event system addition to the Reaction system. There are tons of different ways of hooking up events into Unity, however Peter thinks that for the sake of design time setup the Unity Event system is the right choice. Using this event system in concert with the drag and drop components created for the reaction system Peter has been able to extend our ability to connect components without writing as much code as previously was necessary.

-Mason has done some work on tightening the Intern’s controls/feel in some subtle ways in order to give the user better control over how and where the Intern moves. The heart of the change is that Mason decided to take more control over how the game handles drag (that is: slowing movement gradually over time when no force is being exerted). Unity has built in physics that will handle drag but it works best on grounded objects and can be challenging to manipulate on the fly. By taking direct control over when and how much drag bodies experience, we’ve made it much easier to handle the Intern.

Take this however you will, but we’ll be making an honest effort to post a weekly update like this every Sunday evening. This effort will ultimately lead up to a more regular release of test builds.


The Cosmosaur team


Peter GabrielMarch 26, 20171 Comment

Unity 5 & New Inventory System

Hey Everybody,

We recently switched to Unity 5.5 to make use of the many new 2D features. This marks a first big step as part of a weekly work session every Sunday that we’re adding to our schedules.  finding some normalcy in our day jobs (as I just got settled at my new job). This switch to Unity 5.5 is going to allow us to increase efficiency in development as it allows us to use a new dialog system which should again help us spend more time on asset creation and design and less time on engineering. To that point, the new inventory system is now wired up. This means that when Larry makes some sweet new weapons, we can just drop them into the game. This is one less bottleneck standing in our way.

Often game development is dry and unexciting; a change to a reaction system or small tweak to a inventory pipeline might not be attention grabbing but it’s the day to day building blocks of development. As we are meeting up every Sunday from now on, expect a short post like this weekly about whatever we’ve gotten done over the past week. Might not always be exciting but it’s important to us that you know we’re working hard to deliver an awesome game.


GewargisSeptember 24, 20162 Comments

Updated UI and Concepts

Hey yall,

I wanted to share some quick screenshots on some of the stuff I’ve been working on. I made a big change to how the in game UI looks and works. Now, you are able to learn more about in-game objects/items by highlighting over them. Here’s some screenshots of what I’m talking about:

lookmode1 lookmode2 lookmode3


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