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Sunday Foonday

Hi all,

This is just a quick update. We didn’t move as many pieces this week as we wanted, due to one vacation, and another sick dev. However despite that, Mason and Peter were able to work through a bug with the eTool. Anyways, more progress to come this week, and as always…



LarryPixelJuly 16, 20171 Comment

Funday for a Sunday

Evening, Interns!

The intern has had a number of improvements in the last few months and a lot of it has had to do with how he moves mid air. One big thing we were missing, partly because it’s not built in, was mid air drag. You may have seen a blog post about its addition in the past. Lately, though, we’ve been thinking that we can do more to make mid air movement even tighter. What we’re looking at now is mid air acceleration. The change is subtle and we want to continue to refine it but it’s clear that the Intern’s base acceleration needs to be malleable if we want to get the best feeling character that we can make. The Intern is an ongoing project and we will continue to refine how the player controls our scrappy hero!

Other than that, the dialogue has been coming together nicely. We’re at the point where we can start to incorporate missions into the dialogue system. Behavioral systems continue to ramp up to working and implemented status. We’re still working off a fork of the master branch, knee deep in a reorg of assets, folders, and labels.

We can’t wait for just a few more pieces to fall into place and we’ll have our first in a regular series of fun-to-play™ test builds in your hands.



LarryPixelJuly 9, 20171 Comment

Sunday McFunday


Back on track this weekend.

Larry branched off of our repo and is moving files and adding asset labels to everything we’re currently using or will use, and removing excess and unused assets from the old directories. The folder structure has now been finalized as well. After all the art, animations, prefabs, etc are all moved and labeled it’ll have been a major step towards allowing us to release regular test builds. No longer will all the parts and components which compose the game be organized like spaghetti.

Gewargis worked through an issue which suddenly appears where some GUI elements were displaying at half size, even though the scaling values were unchanged. Once this issue is resolved he’s getting back on dialog and pop up boxes.

Mason has been working more on the Brain Bot enemy, specifically issues where movement patterns are inadvertently allowing movement into walls. That issue is fixed now and the Brain Bot is ready to battle. Between the Brain Bot and the Bat Bot we now have a solid groundwork for keeping enemies in bounds of their rooms.

Our todo lists are getting smaller, and the test build is that much closer to coming. Without a doubt we are back on pace to get at least 2 or 3 test builds out this summer, hopefully more.

Thanks for all your patience.



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Sundae Fundoo

Howdy, all!

This will be a quick post as there was little done this weekend. Larry has been in the process of moving and making his new place livable while Peter, Mason and Gewargis are taking a bit of a rest over the holiday weekend while visiting with friends and family. Next week we’ll make an effort for a special double sized update. Until then, we wish you all a great week!



GewargisJune 25, 20171 Comment

Weekly Update

Quick update for all you party people,

Mason has been focused on bug fixes this past week getting rid of a pesky visual bug that happened whenever the intern took damage. There was also a problem with how enemies handled creating remains after they were destroyed. We’re trying to clean up the enemy scripts as much as possible as we’ll be moving things around to accommodate the enemy behavior system. Which is shaping up to be a robust system

This week Peter was able to start diving into the enemy behavior system. It still isn’t functional in any demonstrable way, however Peter hopes soon it will be functional enough that Mason can start creating behaviors for it and we can really start running it through its paces. Peter is getting really excited about the possibilities for this system. A little too excited…

Gewargis kept chipping away at the dialogue system. He was able to incorporate sounds so the NPCs now have a voice while talking. It was a bit tricky getting it to sound correct. The key was to play the talk sound per character, which gives it a more human-like cadence. We’ll refine as we continue, but we’re happy with it right now.