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One of the biggest factors in the success of our crowdfunding campaign in 2012 was allowing some of our backers to become the characters who would populate our game world. As part of our promise to communicate more with our community I’m posting at least 1 animated character portrait (cough, roughly, cough) every day! Each avatar has 4 animations (normal, angry, sad and happy). Enjoy the crazy characters! If you know you are a character in Moon Intern, then look forward to seeing your pixelated self here in the future!

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Level Generator Progress Get!

Hey, reader! Quick update. I’ve just heard Pete has made a bit of a breakthrough with the level generator. There’s not much to say about it other than he’s allowed us to have less repetitive elevation changes and a bit more control over level flow and platforming. It’s going to allow Pete to move forward with some other areas of generation, getting us just that much closer to generating actual game content.

I’ve been slacking the last week due to some new opportunities going on in my life at the moment, but I’m picking back up. The character-a-day stuff is going alright and I just finished up with a better looking page to show that off. I’m also beginning to build a new “about” page for the website, as the current one doesn’t really do our game justice any longer. We have another couple weeks before the next Full Moon Intern update and I want to give you some cool photos and video if not a new build by then.

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Full Moon Intern #3

Howdy, Mooninites!

Larry here! Another Full Moon and here we are again. This moon I’m talking about testing, story, characters, how we’ve been doing lately and what to expect from us this month.

One of the tasks I’ve been keeping myself busy with when I’m working in Unity is setting up a “testing grounds” level. The idea of this level is to be an environment where our testers can play with features as they become ready to test. Initially, this is going to be abilities, interactions on simple objects and some of our HUD elements. We’re realizing due to the scope of the level generator and what it’s currently capable of, it would be better to do our testing in the type of hand-crafted levels which will later become hubs and story missions. More features will be implemented into this level as they become available.

The robot enemies received a fresh new look, backstory and motivation. I want to avoid giving away too many details about their story, but I think it’s fine to give a quick and dirty summary of their backstory. They are the villainous robots of the game’s second arc. Their feud with moon command has gone on for several decades, during which the action and tech squads were formed to combat threats like this. Originally they were construction robots built to rebuild the colony after the Moon King was defeated, their AI was found to be illogical and dangerous at times, so they were recalled. Several of these robots escaped deactivation, and have despised command ever since. Their self-preservation programming has allowed them to pull off several tricks to prolong their existence, including implementing hierarchies of power, luring command away from their hideouts and even faking their own destruction at times.

Here are their rad designs — which I’m looking forward to animating once the attack patterns are figured out.



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Full Moon Intern #2

Hi all! Another Full Moon tonight means another Full Moon Intern right now!

So early last month we released a new test demo that we’ve since been working within, creating a solid foundation for the future of Moon Intern. In the new test demo the movement and collision of the Intern could be purdy wonky at times. The Intern would sometime get stuck on walls and the ceiling, along with inconsistent run speeds and jump heights. Mason has gotten nearly all of that stuff worked out now though (YAY!). I really tried earlier this week to break the movement controller in some way, but it’s pretty stable at the moment. An area of development Mason keeps wanting to focus on is our enemies, but he keeps getting pulled away. Enemies are important, but we really want to nail player movement before digging too deep into enemy territory. So getting player animations, movement, collision and weapons worked out as much possible is Mason’s top priority right now. Much of those tasks are nearly finished now however, with Mason working on weapons this week.

Gewargis has been busy converting the old GUI to our new GUI. We were manually doing animations for GUI stuff before, but now we are utilizing Unity’s new-ish animation system, which is vastly different than how GUI worked a couple years ago. So he learned how that all works now and has been pretty busy with that as well as getting damage indication working for when we implement the enemies. Besides that, Gewag and Pete were able to nail down our new native resolution which is 1920 x 1080. We like this new resolution more, as not only do we fit more onto the screen than before, but also because it will reduce the issues we had with pixel shredding in the past.

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First Test Demo Submitted!

Howdy! So the first test demo since our clean slate has been pushed to our humble store. I’ll comment on this update when the demo is live so the testers can have at it. Meanwhile, I’ve recorded a bit of footage to give everyone an idea of what the demo currently contains (which as you’ll see is significantly smaller than our last). Enjoy! And again, we’re looking forward to keeping everyone well up-to-date as the game is developed. Love ya’s!