Peter GabrielNovember 16, 20142 Comments

Revision and Revival

Hello backers, I know it’s been a long time since our last post and for that I am sorry. We have had scope and development issues since day one. However, I don’t want to talk about all of the reasons why so far development has failed to deliver. Instead, I want to talk about what we have done to the design of the game and our plans for development moving forward.

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GewargisJune 14, 20147 Comments

Something Wicked-Cool This Way Comes

What’s up Farty People!

How has everyone been? We’ve all been busy with the whole job thing and trying to keep our heads above water. I’m going to try to keep this short because we’re going to have a much more in depth update soon, but first things first: sorry for the lack of recent updates. We’re a small team, and it sometimes slips our minds, so we apologize for that.

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New King Bots

LarryPixelMarch 27, 20141 Comment

Adorable robots and parasites

Hey Folks. This week I’ve been pixeling the next set of levels to come for Story 0. I have 5 really great looking levels drafted this week, but we need to test them in-engine before they get prettied up. Since the levels are just while lines representing collision, I will instead show you some other new cuteness also drawn this week.

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First Pass is on the left, final is on the right.

GewargisMarch 7, 20142 Comments

GUI Style Ch-Ch-Changes

Hey Moon people! We got some cool new GUI stuff to show off. As we’ve said in previous blog posts, we’re currently going through a bit of a rebuilding phase. This includes not just technical aspects of the game like hit detection, but also artistic changes. In this blog post we’ll be going over the redesign process for our menus, lists, and dialog boxes. GUI is one of those subtle aspects of game design that can have a huge impact on the quality of a game without you immediately noticing. We’ve realized that Moon Intern is much more menu-driven than we had initially thought, especially with the changes we’ve made to the the overworld. A lot of progress has been made with the design of the GUI, but there’s still some work to be done. So let’s get to it!

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MasonArringtonFebruary 28, 20141 Comment

Hit Box++

Hey guys! As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with the blog posts recently, we’re going into something of a rebuilding phase due to the release of Unity 4.3 and all of it’s lovely new 2D-centric updates. I want to talk a bit about this process and the kinds of things you can expect in the updates to come. Since Unity 4.3 is all about making Unity a more 2D-friendly game engine, just about every aspect of Moon Intern is affected by the changes. Now we could certainly have just ignored the updates and continued to use the tools that we’ve built to continue work on Moon Intern but we feel that some of the updates are way too useful to ignore. Not only are there things that we can now do that we were previously unsure we’d be able to pull off but we’ll also be able to do a lot of the things we knew we could do, only, much faster and more efficiently. One of the things that has me most excited is that hit boxes will be much more dynamic and versatile. Continue Reading


LarryPixelFebruary 27, 20142 Comments

Humble Update 2/27/14

Hey Moonfolk!

Working on some more story polish today, but I just wanted to pop in and share a small bit of news. A couple days ago we updated the Moon Intern demo available on the humble store. It has a few more additions than the last demo, as well as a bit more polish scattered throughout. I’d also like to add this should be the last update to that particular demo, as work is now beginning rewriting certain systems like sprite animation to take advantage of some Unity 4.3 features.

Love you guys! Thanks for hanging in there!


LarryPixelFebruary 21, 20141 Comment

Something Something

Heylo, Moon peeps!

So as I’m getting acclimated into my new job I’ve also been making recurrent wipes through the story and characters and making revisions. Obviously we want everything to flow properly, but at the moment the story does have several hangups from the old-design that need addressing.

Mason mentioned that we’re changing a lot of our story lingo. What we were originally calling Days (back during the initial pitch) we then called Issues but are now calling Stories. Ultimately I see this allowing us much more creative freedom in the way we present our story arcs. This is becoming more and more clear as the story is reworked. The story flow can no longer interfere with exploration in situations where the player is (for example) trapped on a ghost ship or in the deep south. Previously you were able to explore within the current context of the story, and were expected to stay within the confines of current events or area. We’ve really opened up the design to allow the story to be front and center when you want it to, or take a back seat to exploration and challenges if that is what you want. Additionally, this can be done at any time, between any of the objectives. Finally, this puts some ease on the development of the game because we no longer need to have assumptions about what the player wants or doesn’t want to do at any given moment.

Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and write a little something something on the blog. Hope y’all have a great day and a great weekend. See you in the forums in the meantime.


MasonArringtonFebruary 15, 20143 Comments

Redesign Breakdown

Hey guys! As promised, this blog post is going to go over the changes we’ve made to the game flow, mission structure, and how the map works. After trying to put together one of our more complex missions, for the purpose of creating a proper demo, we came to the realization that the way we designed the world and missions of Moon Intern made development too slow. We looked at why we designed it that way in the first place and how we could improve on our original ideas without diminishing the spirit of the game. While speeding up the development time is important, we also wanted the changes to improve Moon Intern making it a more enjoyable experience for the player. The whole team is super excited about the changes we’ve made and that’s why we want to share it with you guys.

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