New Test Build! V0.6

Howdy y’all!

We’re creeping up on the public demo. We’ve added A LOT to the game since the last test build and want to make sure the bugs we previously had are indeed gone and make sure that no new ones have been snuck in.

I’m sorry I did not update you all sooner, as we had felt so confident the demo would have been out over 2 weeks ago. Truth is the cutscenes took infinitely longer to implement than expected, and we encountered many bugs and undesirables along the way. I was afraid to keep saying “it’s coming, it’s coming”, without delivering. It’s ok though, many of those issues are now fixed and the game is 100% more alive with cutscenes. Hopefully it won’t be long before the public demo is released.

Thanks for being patient. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what we’ve added in.There’s finally a whole bunch of context to the game. Keep reading to get the link!

I have a lot of art to finish up before the demo, and hopefully much of it will be done before the weekend, as we plan on showing the game to some of our peers at the Indie City Games meeting this weekend. So even though there are NPCs now many of them do look alike.

Ok, also. I can’t stress enough that this IS NOT the public demo (we’re still missing a lot of polished art as I just mentioned as well as a few cutscenes, more sounds and heaping mound of polish…and date actions). We’re NOT submitting this build to our humble store because we don’t want to wait 2 days for them to update the download. We just need to get it out quick so we can get some of you guys and gals reporting bugs and telling us how smoothly the game is running on your machine with all the new stuff working. If you’re not a tester, you’ll still be able to download this test build, however you should wait for the public demo. It’ll have more of an impact that way.

Here’s the link to the forum post where the links are live! Be sure to log in and post your thoughts about this test build, or ask any questions you may have.