Something Something

Heylo, Moon peeps!

So as I’m getting acclimated into my new job I’ve also been making recurrent wipes through the story and characters and making revisions. Obviously we want everything to flow properly, but at the moment the story does have several hangups from the old-design that need addressing.

Mason mentioned that we’re changing a lot of our story lingo. What we were originally calling Days (back during the initial pitch) we then called Issues but are now calling Stories. Ultimately I see this allowing us much more creative freedom in the way we present our story arcs. This is becoming more and more clear as the story is reworked. The story flow can no longer interfere with exploration in situations where the player is (for example) trapped on a ghost ship or in the deep south. Previously you were able to explore within the current context of the story, and were expected to stay within the confines of current events or area. We’ve really opened up the design to allow the story to be front and center when you want it to, or take a back seat to exploration and challenges if that is what you want. Additionally, this can be done at any time, between any of the objectives. Finally, this puts some ease on the development of the game because we no longer need to have assumptions about what the player wants or doesn’t want to do at any given moment.

Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and write a little something something on the blog. Hope y’all have a great day and a great weekend. See you in the forums in the meantime.