Adorable robots and parasites

Hey Folks. This week I’ve been pixeling the next set of levels to come for Story 0. I have 5 really great looking levels drafted this week, but we need to test them in-engine before they get prettied up. Since the levels are just while lines representing collision, I will instead show you some other new cuteness also drawn this week.

Continue reading to see the pics.

New King Bots

Robots designed by the Moon King, for the Moon King.

New Robot Gang Bots

Changed up the robot gang to have 4 legs instead of 2, in an effort to make some of the late-game robots to seem more advanced and humanoid like.

New Parasites

Changed up the Parasites to have much more threatening mouths. The teeth they had previously just didn’t cut it.

Kings Escape Shuttle

The Moon King’s personal shuttle

Infinity Crystal

The throne of the Moon King, and his most powerful weapon, a giant and mysterious crystal.