Full Moon Intern #9

Howdy, Moon Folk!

Hope you’re all doing well on this Full Moon. I want to give an update to what has been going on with us.

We are still working on our 0.0.5 demo, though as some of you have noticed, we did not make the end-of-year deadline. Unfortunately the holidays kept the team out-of-sync and communication between each other slipped during that time, and with that, so did our organization and progress. After the new year, things picked up again briefly, but unforeseen circumstances like colds and a family emergency kept us from truly capitalizing on our free time.

As of the past couple weeks, things have picked up again though. Mason has been keeping busy with enemy movements and behaviors. We’re now up to 3 enemy movement styles. He is also working on a “hack” behavior, that allows certain enemies to perform the same sort of status effects that the Intern’s eTool is capable of doing. These status effects include things like stun and energy drain. Gewargis has been polishing up some UI on the main menu and in-game HUD. Additionally he and Peter are working on MoonNet, a renamed version of the previous “look mode”. MoonNet is an overlay that the player can activate on certain objects and characters to provide lore and puzzle information. Peter has also been working on implementing the eTool functionality I mentioned earlier, as well as writing the scripts needed for interactive objects. I have been working on documentation and furthering dialog and mission layouts, as well as drawing and implementing several interactive objects.

Despite a bad head cold, this weekend and coming week I’ll be putting in most of my free time into assembling everything which is functional into build 0.0.5. Later this week we’ll submit that build to Humble and it should be live within a day or so after that. That means if all goes well, you’ll have something new to test just in time for the weekend. For those of you who are not testers, I will create a video playing through the content of this build.

Looking further into the coming months the next build we release will be 0.1.0. There are a lot of things relating to level generation (terrain, buildings and interiors) that will be focused on during the beginning of this year, but it will require a bunch of art pieces from me, and polishing up of many features from the rest of the guys. We’re also going to be putting music and sound effects back in for that build as well. Now that I have many characters finished, we are going to begin to implement NPCs and dialog into the fold, and will no longer have to rely on static images to convey instructions. Once several characters are working, I’ll start back up on the character-a-day feature on our website. Puzzles are going to get a big push from Peter as well in the coming months. Our goal is to release some much larger demos in the early parts of this year, and I’m confident we will meet that goal.

Thanks for your patience during all this. We desperately want to make a game different from anything out there and we won’t release anything that doesn’t live up to our ambitions. I will update again later in the week once we’ve submitted the build to Humble, and again after it goes live.