Unity 5 & New Inventory System

Hey Everybody,

We recently switched to Unity 5.5 to make use of the many new 2D features. This marks a first big step as part of a weekly work session every Sunday that we’re adding to our schedules.  finding some normalcy in our day jobs (as I just got settled at my new job). This switch to Unity 5.5 is going to allow us to increase efficiency in development as it allows us to use a new dialog system which should again help us spend more time on asset creation and design and less time on engineering. To that point, the new inventory system is now wired up. This means that when Larry makes some sweet new weapons, we can just drop them into the game. This is one less bottleneck standing in our way.

Often game development is dry and unexciting; a change to a reaction system or small tweak to a inventory pipeline might not be attention grabbing but it’s the day to day building blocks of development. As we are meeting up every Sunday from now on, expect a short post like this weekly about whatever we’ve gotten done over the past week. Might not always be exciting but it’s important to us that you know we’re working hard to deliver an awesome game.