Sunday Funday

Hey all!

Glad to start a new Sunday routine where we all hangout and have a work session online. It went well and here is our weekly update of changes:

-Buildings and interiors are getting some attention. Larry worked on several pencil drafts for interior spaces to pixel this week. This includes a couple lobbies, some halls, some offices, a security checkpoint, shop, bus stop, and parking port.

-Gewargis is continuing to implement a new dialog/popup system. More on that when we show it off in the next build.

-Event system addition to the Reaction system. There are tons of different ways of hooking up events into Unity, however Peter thinks that for the sake of design time setup the Unity Event system is the right choice. Using this event system in concert with the drag and drop components created for the reaction system Peter has been able to extend our ability to connect components without writing as much code as previously was necessary.

-Mason has done some work on tightening the Intern’s controls/feel in some subtle ways in order to give the user better control over how and where the Intern moves. The heart of the change is that Mason decided to take more control over how the game handles drag (that is: slowing movement gradually over time when no force is being exerted). Unity has built in physics that will handle drag but it works best on grounded objects and can be challenging to manipulate on the fly. By taking direct control over when and how much drag bodies experience, we’ve made it much easier to handle the Intern.

Take this however you will, but we’ll be making an honest effort to post a weekly update like this every Sunday evening. This effort will ultimately lead up to a more regular release of test builds.


The Cosmosaur team