Sunday Funday 4-23-17

Hey everyone,

This week’s update is a little different…everyone will be saying what they worked on instead of one collective post.

I continued working on the new dialogue system. I started on creating a default prefab that most NPCs would use. I’m also learning how to configure the dialogue in different ways.

More work on the game manager and the scene flow, specifically dealing with persistence from scene to scene of objects and data. It’s all about getting the intern to and from everywhere and not losing the important things.

The way the intern handles passing through certain platforms has been much improved. We were able to get it working before but working isn’t always the final state for a lot of things in game design. Without getting too specific, the pass through logic uses Unity’s layer mask system instead of a custom system that looked at individual platforms. Another example of a big/small change.

Worked on more prefabs for interiors, exteriors and terrain. Was mainly concerned with slopes. These are not only for scene generation, but mostly right now I’m drafting out game spaces. Spent some time thinking about how we’ll use all these prefabs without having any nested prefabs to muck things up. More game spaces to come in the next weeks as we ready the next test build.