Sunday Funday 4/30/17

Hey there, Moon folks! This week the Intern got some major improvements along with his good buddy Coily (the notoriously big member of the robot gang). First of all, the Intern’s collision has been improved to better recognize when the player is fully grounded on a slope. The Intern game object used to have a hard time recognizing that it’s grounded when landing on sloped ground. This was getting to be a pretty annoying problem so we’re glad it’s behind us.

We were also able to improve the Intern’s bounciness. At high falling velocity the Intern is meant to bounce off of the ground in a similar fashion to how the Apollo astronauts appeared to bounce around on the moon. Without capping the bounce impulse we would occasionally get insane bounces but now they should be more consistent.

As for Coily, he’s taking a note out of the Intern’s code by using a clamp on a variable. At a certain point in the fight Coily will try to dash into the intern and if he succeeds he will need to bounce back to a firing position. A specific variable in incharge of managing the speed at which Coily moves back toward his firing position has had its lowest value clamped so that his movement will appear smoother.

We’re also working on a better test level, incorporating more of our current features/enemies/objects. We have a more solid understanding of how the organization of the objects in scenes need to be in regards parent/child hierarchy. This is important to continue building object persistence, and setting states on level load. This level (which will be in the next test build) will serve as a prototype we can learn from before diving back into creation of the full game loop.

Alright(!), that’s a month’s worth of weekly updates. We hit our goal of posting an update every Sunday this month. We’ll continue this tradition indefinitely as the development of Moon Intern progresses. We hope to up the quality of these updates each week, and try to have gifs and images more weeks than not. Thanks for sticking with us, everyone!