Sunday Funday 5-7-17

Hi everybody,

(hi Dr. Nick),

Here are some highlights of what we worked on today:

Mason started the the foundations of all NPCs in Moon Intern. He also started work on an animation override controller that will allow us to streamline the animation creation process for NPCs and all characters and prefabs that have a similar animation style to the intern (basic humanoids). Expect to see more on this soon.

Larry worked on the tester playground, building structures, rooms, decorating rooms, connecting doors, adding enemies, and all sorts of fun stuff for our testers to play with. He’s also busy with getting the test build and other scenes in the game organized so we’re ready to keep iterating test builds using these scenes.

Gewargis continued his work on the dialogue system.

We also had a meeting about the upcoming build. We don’t have a date currently set, but expect more info about this soon. We’re all getting excited to show our recent changes to everyone.