Sunny day for a funny day

Hi, all!

This week Larry put in a lot of extra time to catch up on several pieces of artwork relating to level geometry. This is just more tiles for terrain, interior floors/walls and structures. In addition to this he drew some “decor” items for structure exteriors (but hasn’t brought them into the build just yet). These are things like grates, signage, solar paneling and bits of texture to lay over exterior structure tiles to look more bricked, striped, or honeycombed. There are now several dozen objects (both interactive and static) that will be seen in the next build.

Gewargis continued working on the dialogue system. He was having trouble getting the art to be pixel perfect, but he was able to figure it out today. We switched from using a world space canvas to a screen space canvas.

We’re just about there on rudimentary NPCs (basically a person other than the intern who can kinda mill about) we just need animation cues for when our lovely new NPC is walking or jumping or any of the other animation cues. The NPC won’t do much else for now but soon we’ll be hooking them into the dialog system. Stay tuned!