Sunday McFunday


Back on track this weekend.

Larry branched off of our repo and is moving files and adding asset labels to everything we’re currently using or will use, and removing excess and unused assets from the old directories. The folder structure has now been finalized as well. After all the art, animations, prefabs, etc are all moved and labeled it’ll have been a major step towards allowing us to release regular test builds. No longer will all the parts and components which compose the game be organized like spaghetti.

Gewargis worked through an issue which suddenly appears where some GUI elements were displaying at half size, even though the scaling values were unchanged. Once this issue is resolved he’s getting back on dialog and pop up boxes.

Mason has been working more on the Brain Bot enemy, specifically issues where movement patterns are inadvertently allowing movement into walls. That issue is fixed now and the Brain Bot is ready to battle. Between the Brain Bot and the Bat Bot we now have a solid groundwork for keeping enemies in bounds of their rooms.

Our todo lists are getting smaller, and the test build is that much closer to coming. Without a doubt we are back on pace to get at least 2 or 3 test builds out this summer, hopefully more.

Thanks for all your patience.