Suunday Fuunday

Howdy, folks!

This week we were able to get back on pace after the slowdown last week.

The reorg of the project folder is mostly complete, with just the merge remaining. We’ve all upgraded to the newly released Unity 2017 as well, with no adverse effects.

The new enemy behavioral system is ready to be implemented and we’re under way refitting all of the old enemies to work with the new system. This new behavior system changes how the data and actions are structured but not how they work. The new structure is going to allow us to save a lot of time by making each component of enemy behavior into a separate and reusable piece so that we’ll be able to construct new enemies without needing to rebuild older enemy actions, reactions, and detectors. We may go into more detail on how exactly the new behavior system works but it’s going to streamline things in a major way and I can’t wait till it’s fully implemented.

Next week we’ll pull all new work since the fork off our main branch, into the new branch, and then we’ll be back on task of releasing the test build.

Talk to y’all again next weekend,