Crumbday Bumday

Howdy y’all!

No new update of worth to the test build this week, however we did make some progress to note.

Larry continued forward with level designs and started putting some spaces from early in the story together. He’s really hoping to have some updates to the build next week, allowing these spaces to be explored.

Mason and Peter worked together on creating different triggers/detectors for enemy behaviors, including much debate on how they’re best implemented. Basically we’re developing a system of thinking so each decision needs to be taken and considered as a new addition to this collection of behaviors rather than as a simple action in a script. Again this system is largely front loaded with work but the payoff is faster enemy creation with a base set of reusable logic.

Gewargis worked on getting animated portraits working. It’s a little more complicated than initially thought, so it will take an additional work session to get it working. He also watched the Bears get pummeled and was thoroughly disappointed. :-(