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Moon Intern!

A Game Brought To You By The Moon!

Moon Intern is a game unlike any you’ve ever played or even heard of. It’s a serialized side-scrolling action RPG about Love, Action and Exploration. The story is presented in a way unlike most video games, and more like comic books and tv shows. You’re an Intern on the Moon, where life is as busy as it is dangerous. Deliver packages, fix machines, fight evil and pay the rent while keeping your soulmate happy.

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You’ll create a soulmate down to their sex and likeness to take along on your adventures. Buy them gifts and call them often to make them feel loved. Doing so will allow your relationship between each other to flourish, unlocking some of the best player buffs.


Each day in the game presents the Intern with an objective to complete which will advance the story forward. These missions will take the Intern all over the colony and beyond. Depending on how you play Moon Intern, the story will adjust itself accordingly to your style. If you prefer action, the Intern will be assigned to tag along with an Action Squad. Players focused more on solving puzzles will find themselves in a story where they find themselves tagging along with a Tech Squad, solving puzzles to accomplish tasks instead of using brute force. Players who are ultra skilled in puzzles and combat will find themselves on a very difficult story path for pros only. These story paths are dynamic in the way you transfer between them. Performance on missions, talking to characters and the way you act while not on a mission will determine which path you follow. If you don’t agree with the path you’ve been put on feel free to bring it up with the HR department.


There are 3 types of jobs the Intern can perform to earn money to pay the rent: Delivery, Repair and Action. Talk to any NPC in the colony to be offered a random job to complete. The better you do at this job, the more money you get in return. The jobs will have a great many variety of factors involved in generating jobs to obliterate repetition.

One of the most exciting things about Moon Intern is you! The personalities and likeness of the many characters in this game are modeled after our KickStarter backers. The characters will include everything from janitors to space ship pilots to the Moon King’s second in command.


Our game world is open and we encourage exploration. Perform maintenance on machines and change lightbulbs to keep areas of the colony at a higher health. Areas of higher health.


Using Handsome;
Using Cool;
Using Buff;

public class US : Friends

GameDesigner LarryGriffin;
GameDesigner GewargisEnvia;
GameDesigner MasonArrington;
GameDesigner PeterGabriel;

GameStudio Cosmosaur;

bool CodeMakesSense = false;

void Us()

Cosmosaur = (GameStudio)(LarryGriffin + GewargisEnvia + MasonArrington + PeterGabriel);

if(CodeMakesSense == false)

Debug.Log(“We are Cosmosaur, a group of really cool dudes that graduated from Columbia College Chicago with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Game Design/Development. While all of us
are game designers by trade and or trait, we also possess additional skills that complement the rest of the group. We are also the coolest of bros. We also tricked Billy and
Marty into helping us make beautiful sound and music for the game. Idiots.”);