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GewargisOctober 15, 20175 Comments

Not so Funday Sunday

Hey everyone,

We just finished hooking the baddy bot into the new behavior system.

We would usually mark something like this with a neat gif but we’re having trouble with the website uploading images so expect more from us soon regarding how the new behavior system works in practice.

Stay tuned!



GewargisSeptember 4, 20171 Comment

Labor Dabor

Hey everyone,

We wanted to wish everyone a happy Labor Dabor Day!

We’re taking the Holiday Weekend off and we’ll be continuing work on Moon Intern right after.


GewargisJune 25, 20171 Comment

Weekly Update

Quick update for all you party people,

Mason has been focused on bug fixes this past week getting rid of a pesky visual bug that happened whenever the intern took damage. There was also a problem with how enemies handled creating remains after they were destroyed. We’re trying to clean up the enemy scripts as much as possible as we’ll be moving things around to accommodate the enemy behavior system. Which is shaping up to be a robust system

This week Peter was able to start diving into the enemy behavior system. It still isn’t functional in any demonstrable way, however Peter hopes soon it will be functional enough that Mason can start creating behaviors for it and we can really start running it through its paces. Peter is getting really excited about the possibilities for this system. A little too excited…

Gewargis kept chipping away at the dialogue system. He was able to incorporate sounds so the NPCs now have a voice while talking. It was a bit tricky getting it to sound correct. The key was to play the talk sound per character, which gives it a more human-like cadence. We’ll refine as we continue, but we’re happy with it right now.


GewargisJune 18, 20173 Comments

Always Sunday Funday

Hey all. Just a quick update this week showing off some updates to the E-Tool. Are you tired of this happening:

Well now there’s a better way. It’s the E-Tool! The E-Tool uses video game age technology to damage enemies from afar. Check it out:

Just activate the E-tool and press the correct sequence to hack into the robotic enemies. Good work Intern!

Stay tuned for more updates!


GewargisJune 11, 20171 Comment

SunDay FunDay 6-11-17

Hi all!

This week was even more organization focused than last week. The team talked a lot about solving the problem of building unique and complex animators and animations over and over again in the object-creation-pipeline. Right now this is mostly Larry doing this, and it often takes longer to implement the art than it does for him to draw it. So Peter is building several tools described briefly below to mitigate the issues. This will allow more time to design and draw objects, and less time waiting for them to work in the game. Additionally, the reorganization for the project folder has begun, ultimately working us towards a much clearer view of our game as development shifts from prototyping to the main game.

As you may know, lately we’ve been putting together a scene that will serve as a playground for our testers. This meant moving around enemies into several different spaces to help find issues. One of the big things that we immediately noticed was that enemies that can fly become frustrating when they fly past walls and ceilings. What started as a frustrating limitation, though, is becoming an interesting opportunity to think about ways to improve on enemy behavior. The Bat Bot has been updated to stay within the bounds of any ceilings but another of our enemies, the Brain Bot, will be a much more interesting challenge. Without getting too into the specifics the solution for keeping the Brain Bot in bounds has the potential to branch out to future enemy types.

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