Peter Gabriel

I am the Lead Programmer on Moon Intern, also do design work.
I have a BA in Game Design with a concentration on Development from Columbia College Chicago.


Peter GabrielMarch 26, 20171 Comment

Unity 5 & New Inventory System

Hey Everybody,

We recently switched to Unity 5.5 to make use of the many new 2D features. This marks a first big step as part of a weekly work session every Sunday that we’re adding to our schedules.  finding some normalcy in our day jobs (as I just got settled at my new job). This switch to Unity 5.5 is going to allow us to increase efficiency in development as it allows us to use a new dialog system which should again help us spend more time on asset creation and design and less time on engineering. To that point, the new inventory system is now wired up. This means that when Larry makes some sweet new weapons, we can just drop them into the game. This is one less bottleneck standing in our way.

Often game development is dry and unexciting; a change to a reaction system or small tweak to a inventory pipeline might not be attention grabbing but it’s the day to day building blocks of development. As we are meeting up every Sunday from now on, expect a short post like this weekly about whatever we’ve gotten done over the past week. Might not always be exciting but it’s important to us that you know we’re working hard to deliver an awesome game.


Peter GabrielNovember 16, 20142 Comments

Revision and Revival

Hello backers, I know it’s been a long time since our last post and for that I am sorry. We have had scope and development issues since day one. However, I don’t want to talk about all of the reasons why so far development has failed to deliver. Instead, I want to talk about what we have done to the design of the game and our plans for development moving forward.

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Peter GabrielSeptember 8, 2013Leave a comment

September 8th Update

Hey so been a while since I posted an update so… here we go!

The Butler bots now explode when they die!

Also the Fuse Puzzle is working, it needs a back plate and instructions but its in there now!

Larry has been doing a ton of art including a revamp of the weapons and Billy is working on lots of sound effects.

Plus I have been digging into some shader magic and have made Shaders to remove the 3d lighting and add in a 2d lighting system. Right now the lighting isn’t in the game but now we can do all sorts of really cool reveal and shadow effects. All in all the game is coming along well I think we might have something substantial for everybody to play soon-ish.

Also this isn’t everything (I just can’t tell you about the super cool things, it’ll ruin the surprise)


Peter GabrielJune 28, 20131 Comment

Hack Puzzle

One more Puzzle in the game.

Hack Puzzle

Actually, Gewargis and I coded this a week or so ago, it just didn’t have art until now. Also short demo of a single mission coming very shortly.