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LarryPixelMay 21, 20172 Comments

Weekly Update 05/21/17

Hi, all!

This week there isn’t a very long list of changes, but there’s still an update nonetheless. We spent some time polishing up some elements of a boss fight and the space it takes place in. Some attention was given to filling in a bunch of blank spaces across the terrain, which can now be fully (and nicely) navigated. Additionally, some font sizing issues are FINALLY resolved for the dialog, so now that’s moving smoother. Despite a slower week than last, we’re ready to head into this week replenished and ready to rock. We did set some work sessions for the coming week involving polish on specific features and balancing them for the next test build. Bigger things we’re still working on though are mostly enemies, npcs and dialog.

Talk to y’all soon,



LarryPixelMay 14, 20172 Comments

Sunny day for a funny day

Hi, all!

This week Larry put in a lot of extra time to catch up on several pieces of artwork relating to level geometry. This is just more tiles for terrain, interior floors/walls and structures. In addition to this he drew some “decor” items for structure exteriors (but hasn’t brought them into the build just yet). These are things like grates, signage, solar paneling and bits of texture to lay over exterior structure tiles to look more bricked, striped, or honeycombed. There are now several dozen objects (both interactive and static) that will be seen in the next build.

Gewargis continued working on the dialogue system. He was having trouble getting the art to be pixel perfect, but he was able to figure it out today. We switched from using a world space canvas to a screen space canvas.

We’re just about there on rudimentary NPCs (basically a person other than the intern who can kinda mill about) we just need animation cues for when our lovely new NPC is walking or jumping or any of the other animation cues. The NPC won’t do much else for now but soon we’ll be hooking them into the dialog system. Stay tuned!


LarryPixelApril 30, 20173 Comments

Sunday Funday 4/30/17

Hey there, Moon folks! This week the Intern got some major improvements along with his good buddy Coily (the notoriously big member of the robot gang). First of all, the Intern’s collision has been improved to better recognize when the player is fully grounded on a slope. The Intern game object used to have a hard time recognizing that it’s grounded when landing on sloped ground. This was getting to be a pretty annoying problem so we’re glad it’s behind us.

We were also able to improve the Intern’s bounciness. At high falling velocity the Intern is meant to bounce off of the ground in a similar fashion to how the Apollo astronauts appeared to bounce around on the moon. Without capping the bounce impulse we would occasionally get insane bounces but now they should be more consistent.

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LarryPixelJanuary 23, 20165 Comments

Full Moon Intern #9

Howdy, Moon Folk!

Hope you’re all doing well on this Full Moon. I want to give an update to what has been going on with us.

We are still working on our 0.0.5 demo, though as some of you have noticed, we did not make the end-of-year deadline. Unfortunately the holidays kept the team out-of-sync and communication between each other slipped during that time, and with that, so did our organization and progress. After the new year, things picked up again briefly, but unforeseen circumstances like colds and a family emergency kept us from truly capitalizing on our free time.

As of the past couple weeks, things have picked up again though. Mason has been keeping busy with enemy movements and behaviors. We’re now up to 3 enemy movement styles. He is also working on a “hack” behavior, that allows certain enemies to perform the same sort of status effects that the Intern’s eTool is capable of doing. These status effects include things like stun and energy drain. Gewargis has been polishing up some UI on the main menu and in-game HUD. Additionally he and Peter are working on MoonNet, a renamed version of the previous “look mode”. MoonNet is an overlay that the player can activate on certain objects and characters to provide lore and puzzle information. Peter has also been working on implementing the eTool functionality I mentioned earlier, as well as writing the scripts needed for interactive objects. I have been working on documentation and furthering dialog and mission layouts, as well as drawing and implementing several interactive objects.

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LarryPixelDecember 2, 20157 Comments

Update: Special Tiles and Bat Bot

Hello, Moon Intern! Well, I hope it’s not been too long, but let’s go over what happened in the last few weeks since version 0.0.4 was released.

We have another working enemy! Mason added the brand new Bat Bot. This robotic pest either flaps around, or just sticks to ceilings and chills. When unknowing folks like the Intern move underneath the Bat Bot, it dives to attack. The Bat Bot is a fully functioning enemy at the moment. Addition work has begun on the next enemy, the Brain Bot.

The main menu has undergone a couple new changes as well, finishing up some of the polishing that didn’t make it into version 0.0.4 in time. The splash screen to main menu has a smoother transition now, as do the choice confirmations on the main menu. In addition to that, Gewargis also began re-implementing look mode into the game. This is the feature where the player can hold down a key to see overlays of information for combat and navigation.

Peter’s special tiles are ready for us to start putting together. This means we’re now able to create more varied spaces with the generator, making themes easier too. The generator finds an area that matches specific credentials to put unique parts into the level. For example, a section of the level that goes 2 tiles over and 4 tiles up, or a section 4 over and 3 down. The special tile then replaces all of the tiles in the area. These special tiles can be lots of things; i.e. cliff faces containing a structures or platforming challenges or other special pieces like caves or craters.

Loads more design and organization for the story and for interactive objects has kept me busy. I’m getting ready to go whole hog into implementing content over the next few weeks. This content will mostly be in the form of interactive objects. Examples of the types of objects I’m talking about include water coolers, fax machines, fabricators, mood lights, terminals, more door types, gates, projectors, microwaves, electronic whiteboards, valves, oxygen tanks and a ton more. These objects are simple, mostly having just a few animations, but this lays the groundwork for states like on and off, broken, empty, etc.

This is a big month for us. We’re all rallying to make sure we have something fun to play by new year’s day. We are hoping this “End of Year Demo” will leave us in a wonderful place to start the new year, and gives us a challenge as a team. It would be nice to have 0.0.5 out before the end of next week, especially to test out the new enemies, special tiles, look mode and any interactive objects finished by then.

Until then, have a good December!