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LarryPixelNovember 12, 20172 Comments

Sunday Oh Hey

Howdy hey hi!
Quick Sunday update…we’ve made a bit more progress over the last couple weeks of silence. More specifically the remaining couple enemies are going through their behavior system update. Level parts are coming together to construct…well…the levels. Other than that nothing of note, except that we’re still pushing towards the next update to the build.

Talk to you soon,


LarryPixelOctober 1, 20171 Comment

Sunday Octoberday

Howdy, all!

This week we had some more progress on behaviors. Specifically to the logic on detectors (proximity and triggered) and how they properly route to the correct behavior. We also had a big milestone in character portraits/dialog. There’s a little snippet of an example below.  Though the dialog was just for test and has no merit, haha. There wasn’t much progress on the side of art/levels but look out for a surge of productivity on that this week. Until then…





LarryPixelSeptember 24, 20171 Comment

Sunday Glumday


Here’s here’s the details for where we’re at this week…
The level designs/tiles received a lot of work, and we really hoped to finish enough to warrant an update to the build. The behavior system continues to coagulate into the beast it one day will be. It’s meant a lot more animation changes than I think any of us had predicted but it’s really coming together well.

Peter has been working on a Input system that will allow us to record inputs for bug tracking. Once it’s complete it should give us a better picture of what is happening when testers share feedback.

Talk to y’all soon!



LarryPixelSeptember 17, 20171 Comment

Crumbday Bumday

Howdy y’all!

No new update of worth to the test build this week, however we did make some progress to note.

Larry continued forward with level designs and started putting some spaces from early in the story together. He’s really hoping to have some updates to the build next week, allowing these spaces to be explored.

Mason and Peter worked together on creating different triggers/detectors for enemy behaviors, including much debate on how they’re best implemented. Basically we’re developing a system of thinking so each decision needs to be taken and considered as a new addition to this collection of behaviors rather than as a simple action in a script. Again this system is largely front loaded with work but the payoff is faster enemy creation with a base set of reusable logic.

Gewargis worked on getting animated portraits working. It’s a little more complicated than initially thought, so it will take an additional work session to get it working. He also watched the Bears get pummeled and was thoroughly disappointed. :-(



LarryPixelSeptember 10, 20171 Comment

Sunday funfun

Hey all!

This week we worked on level designs for story missions, and regularly visited spaces. To make things easier with the story mission document was converted to be more of a wiki instead of one long doc. Maybe spent a bit too much time on it, but it’s been so much easier to organize development notes for these levels. This coming week we’ll get them from notes and drawings into explorable spaces and then update the build.

Until then,